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A unique combination of honest songwriting and great beats... Alison Fleming has been making headlines with her stunningly...”

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ARTIST RACK (Featured Review):

Driver On Whisky’ (Remix)

"The project is an exciting milestone for the artist, and an opportunity to show off her growth as an artist and songwriter alike. The track is filled with energy, and sounds very relatable, but also has a personal edge that really connects with the audience, making for a really special EDM flavor."


ARTIST RACK (Featured Review): 

Check out this Review of  ‘Sine Wave’ from Alison Fleming 

Alison Fleming is a recording artist and songwriter originally from England now living in United States. Her music is very diverse and unpredictable, often combining the perks of different genres into one unique vision. 

Her most recent single, ‘Sine Wave”, it’s actually a great example of Alison's amazing versatility and broad creative scope. 

The track has a very brooding low-key introduction, with a lot of ambiance, and an experimental vocal style that makes me think of avant-garde artists like Bjork or Tori Amos. The swirling synth textures and deep bass tones are absolutely amazing, and the drop which precedes the beat, is strong and dynamic. The glitchy textures and sonic swells on the track create a thick blanket of sounds around the vocals, sitting perfectly within the mix.  However, everything takes a really energetic turn, diving deeper into Deep House, Trance and Techno territory, with some infectious percussion elements and edgy grooves for days. 

This song is a particularly strong composition, featuring warm synth tones, along with present and lush vocals that have a stark and expressive feel. 

If you enjoy the work of artists like Ellie Goulding, Daughter, or Halsey, this will be your thing for sure!


Albums 'Freeway' & 'Freeway – The Remixes' by Alison Fleming 

"When words fail, music speaks," so said the Bard, William Shakespeare. And so, I find myself now without words to describe the wonderful music created by this extraordinary talent that is Alison Fleming. So I will let the music speak for itself. However I must add that every time I play each CD I am amazed! I just love it. The music is both relaxing and inspirational. I can't wait to hear the next creation from this extraordinary talent. Thank you, Alison! 

John, Panacea Fl (30 mi south of Tallahassee)


Artist Rack MUSIC BLOG (Featured Review):

Check out this review of 'Girlfriend'

"An alternative music artist that still retain a catchy and energetic side with a lot of focus. 

Alison Fleming is a musical artist with a focus on a spontaneous, earnest and direct blend of alternative songwriting, which cleverly blurs the lines between different genres. By keeping her creativity so open-ended, Alison is able to craft a really vibrant and spontaneous sound, making for a unique twist. A great example? Her brand new release, “Girlfriend,” will certainly give you a perfect idea of what to expect from this talented artist and songwriter. 

Alison’s music could be described as swiftly alternative, although her tone has a lot of depth, integrity and charisma. She is a rare talent, who is able to convey her emotions through music, and create a song that listeners can truly relate to with ease. Last, but decidedly not least, the production of this release is certainly worthy of being mentioned. The sound of “Girlfriend” is very organic and seamless, pushing away from excessive studio trickery, and allowing Alison to fully showcase her voice and personality to her fans and audience. There is something special about her approach to songwriter, and you can easily connect with her while listening to her music, almost like listening an old friend telling you about her life! This special blend of connection between the artist and the listener is certainly what makes this track very special, and we are looking forward to learn more about Alison and see what’s in store for her career and musical future!"


'Freeway - The Remixes',  Review by Stephen Hugill

Life is more about the journey and less about the destination it is said. So while we are all in transit you’d be well advised to get your ‘listeners’ round the new album ‘Freeway -The Remixes’ from Alison Fleming. Unplug your constitutional Sat-Nav and plug-in to her latest offering ; the journey begins! It’s not a ‘drive album for the car but as the car is the last private sanctuary left to man on the planet it’s a good space to get launched. Thrust into dark and light you will be moved quickly. Far away from the familiar thumping rhythms of the basement ‘House’ dens of Northern England, your inner ear is impacted with a colourful spectrum of mood and sound. Engagingly unpredictable, breaching the norms and daring a new genre it will challenges any critic to compare. Fun yet intriguingly haunted while maintaining the charm of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ where any dangerous undertones are quenched with a tang of fresh Clean Nordic air. All carefully stitched together and still making space to ride the ‘bounce’ of classic ‘ Robopop’. The result is a wonderfully stimulating experience leaving you feeling full and satisfied. Undoubtedly a significant addition to an already impressive portfolio, So what and where next for Alison? I think we can safely say, that will depend on where the journey takes her. Suggest you jump in for the ride but be prepared to buckle-up. You will miss your exit, as this one is going places.



"Today's playlist has been 'Freeway' and 'Freeway - The Remixes' by my awesomely gifted friend Alison Fleming. Ali's voice and versatility blows me away every time I listen to her music. Check out the wonderful collaboration albums by the amazing Tony Lowe and Ali, too!"   

"Thanks for your beautiful music."

- Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Bath & NE Somerset, UK



 '5 stars'

"Thanks for the great music."

- John Rose of UIC Radio, Chicago, United States



"Just received my Freeway CD. Great music!! Well done, Ali" - Scott Erwin, MO, USA


ReverbNation Crowd Reviews (with a view to mainstream Radio airplay)


Freeway (Songwriter) Album

Freeway (Track):

The singer has a sexy and appealing voice that adds style to the song and makes you want to dance. It is perfect for the radio or to stream. I especially love the piano sounds. - male age 45

I liked the beat and pacing of the song. The singer had a beautiful voice too. I just liked listening to it and didn't even care about what the lyrics were. - male age 31

I really liked the singers voice and the pace of the song. It was sort of haunting in a way. Good song for running a couple miles on the treadmill too. - male age 34

This was a fun song. It was great way of expression that tells a story. A great story that was fun and funky. I liked the acoustics and the lyrics. Thought it was very airy and sweet. - female age 41

I like the intro, the piano is a very nice addition that you don't hear in many alternative songs. The lead singer has a nice, unique voice that leaves me wanting to hear more. - male age 39


What of Your Heart

I like the vocals and passion of this artist. The lyrics and instrumentals match well making this song interesting and entertaining. I think that this song has potential to do very well. - male age 32

I like the singer songwriter feel and the deep rich tones of the singers voice. Her musical style, though not her voice, is very reminiscent of Carly Simon in the 1980's. She is talented for sure, and the song is engaging. - female age 37

This song has some very British folk element sounds to it, some Nick Drake in there, but also some American folk/rock. Great instrumental, and I love the voice and how it works with this melody. Dynamic and engaging. - male age 48

I like the kinda of old school vibe to the song and the folk 60's atmosphere it has. I also like the lead vocals and the uniqueness it has. It reminds me a bit of Cat Stevens. Nice tune - male age 43

The lyrics and vocals really shine here, but I also like how there is more instrumentation than in a lot of ballads. I think this could be a hit largely because of the vocals though. - male age 36

This song was done very well,I think the artist has great  talent for making good sounding music and for making positive up lifting music that making you feel great inside. - male age 26

The vocals were really excellent. I liked the singer's tone and the very light and airy feel to her voice. It really worked well with the more ambient and light music. - male age 29

I really like the way this track sounds, it's a nice little song with a very cool old school 70s vibe to it, it kind of reminds me of a Fleetwood Mac kind of thing. - male age 29

This was pretty good. I thought it sounded kind of like a modern day ENYA or something. Def had a very different sound for sure. Took me a min to really get into. - male age 38

I like how deep the singer's voice is, it sounds very nice. I also like the melody of the song, the guitar and the simple backing instruments, it sounds very nice and is easy to listen to. - female age 28

The singer ort of reminds me of Jewel or the Dixie Chicks. The lyrics are very depth and I can hear the pain and the emotions of the songwriter in this song. - male age 29

I liked the quiet quality of the song. It had a good instrumental and the musicians played very well. The guitar work was very well played. I thought the vocalist's voice was familiar and comforting. - female age 37


1000 Miles

She has a different sound to her voice and I like that a lot. She put her heart into singing it and it’s real. - female age 49

I enjoy the contagious steady dance beat which energizes the song into a definite gem. The singer's voice is quite exotic and all powerful. It impresses me quite a bit. - male age 45

I like the title and the vibe, it feels like travel, like quickly trying to get 1000 miles. This song made my thoughts run and gave me energy. I like this artist. - female age 44

This singer has a deep retro voice carrying me back to the 80's and early 90's. I am happy to go for the ride. Her talent shines through and her song makes you "need" to dance, not just want to dance! - female  age  48



I really like the vocals of this song. It's really deep and it has a penetrating kind of quality to it, like it makes you feel like you're really thinking about the song while you're listening to it. I like it a lot. - female age 26

This song started out like a common piano influenced song. Then one of the most angelic voices kick in and I was hooked immediately! Really good song with really good progression. - male age 26

The singer has a fantastic voice! The lyrics have a story to them that I enjoy as well. The music is simplistic and works well with the vocals. The sound quality is perfect for the singer and instruments. - female age 36

This lady has an incredible voice. It is somewhere between Enya and Sade, 2 of my favorites also, Tori Amos. The lyrics are great and the synthesizer and other instruments work very well with her. - male age 49

It brings out emotions, it made me feel sad and melancholy. The music is very clear and distinct. She as a nice range in her voice. Just really nice, rarefied music. - male age 62

It is very sensual and romantic. I am not normally a fan of sensual music like this. It isn't bad, it just isn't my style of music. But it would be amazingly placed in a romantic movie. - female age 27

The song has a retro sound to it. It sounds like an 80's song sung by the Eurythmics. It's airy yet easy to listen to. It's calming. - male age 30

This song has a very fantasy like. I can see this in a movie or a tv show really easily. I like the singers voice of this. Its very relaxing. - male age 38

Her vocals sounded amazing on this one. The piano def fit her vocals really good on this. I thought it really complimented her voice well. - male age 28


The Play So Far

I like the structure of this song. I like the instrument, beat, and bass. I would like to listen to this song again. This song sounds professionally recorded. – female age 26 

I thought this song was nice. Their voices blend well together and this should be in a movie as a soundtrack. Good sounding song. – female age 49 

I like the harmony since it gives the record great appeal. This style of music reminds me of late Eighties music. I find her vocals empowering and soothing to the ear and senses. – male age 45 

This song has a nice and unique sound. The lyrics are all well thought out and tell a nice story. I would listen to this song multiple times. – male age 25 

I like the sound of the song. I like the vibe and the vocals and music fit good together. This song has a unique style and sound. – female age 40 

The tone of this song was nice and flowed well. I liked the singing with both the male and female voices. The lyrics in this song also went well with the music. – female age 33 

This song is intense and made me pumped up. It would be a good song for driving or excercising. I is enchanting and keeps my mind focused on all of its parts. – female age 44 

These made me chuckle: 

I don't understand the song title to the lyrics. To me it has a 60s vibe. I could see this song being played while someone was tripping on acid. Or having a space ship ride in a fantasy. – female age 29 

I like how different it is from most things, but I feel like it would be best appreciated at a location like Burning Man, or while high on drugs. Not a bad thing, just get that sort of vibe. – female age 27



I loved the chill and mellow sound of the song. The piano introduction really pulled me in and kept the pace of the song consistent and peaceful. The instrumentals were soft and never overpowering even in the powerful climax near the end. During the beginning it was a bit difficult to understand the lyrics but the chorus was loud and clear, and the lyrics began to make sense by the end of the song. I enjoyed the singer's androgynous, peaceful tone. The song is family friendly and marketable, I can imagine it being played in a drama or romance show on television or a film. – female age 28 

This to me is a specific celtic tragedy story of life, told in a traditional manner and classic in its sense of woe and drama as the story unfolds. I really do enjoy this type of genre. – male age 61 

She has a calming sound and I can see her being a star. She has a beautiful voice and her vocals are on point. – female age 49 

This song is extremely energetic and has a great chorus. It sounds modern yet seems to have a timeless appeal too. Another great performance by this outstanding artist. – male age 36 

I really like the intro of this song with the keyboard/piano, It caught my attention and kept it throughout the song. The vocalist is powerful and can capture the audience. – male age 57 

This song is very pretty and enjoyable. The vocals are the focus which is great and I wanted to listen to see where song would go. It is a sad song but enjoyably so.- female age 44 

This opens with a 1-2-3, 1-2-3, polka beat. It is so different that you can't help paying attention. I hear a Leś Miz thing happening that is hard to explain but I like it. I will follow this singer now that I know about her. – female age 48 

I liked this song for the most part. The song reminded me of an Adele song, but with a less powerful singer. The lyrics worked well with the instrumentals. I'd listen to this song again. – female age 34 

Like: I thought that this was a pretty cute song, the vocals added a lot to the atmosphere and changed to fit the mood/portion of the song. - male age 23 

I like this it reminds me of slower Madonna songs. I think it could be popular but maybe not a hit. I like the music and the vocals it's relaxing. – female age 35


Call of the Wild 

I really am enjoying listening to her voice. She has something about her that makes you stop and listen and not want to end. – female age 49 

I really like the Joni Mitchell style callback. I have a soft spot for this kind of folksy and storytelling. It does very well in representing the genre in specific. I would buy it. – male age 61 

This song is unique in terms of instrumental and lyrics. The vocalist does a great job telling story with the lyrics she is telling; would listen to it again. – male age 25 

I liked how the song started with just the vocalist. I definitely love the piano in this song, it added something that the other songs from this artist didn't have. It picked up the energy from the song. – female age 23 

The song is really interesting in the fact it makes me want to keep listening to it. Her voice is sultry and very original - not like anything that you really hear today so it sucks you in with the original sound. It has sort of an African dance vibe to it esp with the flute and other background instruments including the piano. I would say interesting in a good way. – female age 47 

Great intro, really catches a listener's attention and keeps it. The artist has an incredibly unique voice. The structure of the song is unpredictable in a good way, it keeps the listener focused on the song and provides the element of surprise. Really well done. – female age 33 

I like the painting the lyrics paint. I like the use of short notes here and there that punctuate the lyrics. There is a Suzanne Vega tribute at the end that caused me to rate this higher. The "do-do-do" has to be Tom's Diner and it was just enough to pay respect! – female age 48 

I like the feel of the song. It gives a positive feel. The vocal is sensual and it takes you to a peaceful place. I like the lyrics and it has a universal appeal. – female age 56

I like the clear voices and the music. I think it would be very good for a soundtrack included in a tv show. – female age 35 

This song was nice and smooth it captures you with the skillful musicians and vocals. A nice song to start a relaxing evening off. A glass of wine or beer to compliment the moment. – male age 57

I like the instrumental especially at the end. This is very much like Florence and the Machine's style. A very nice song that was easy to listen to and I listened to it all. The end was worth listening for. – female age 44


Melody Man 

Feels almost like a kind of out of body experience as one listens to this track. The vocals lead basically everything going forward and we are all in for the ride. – male age 32 

There's something different about the combination of R&B and EDM musical elements which I find very intriguing and I like this about the performance. – female age 34 

I didn't get the title. It was hard to understand the lyrics but for the overall effect of the song it didn't matter what she was singing. It was a kind of trance like music that just allowed you to float and just be there. I liked the various sections of the song and they hypnotic voice was relaxing. – female age 56 

This was a good song for her voice and the more I listen to her the more she reminds me of Annie Lennox during parts of it. She is very pleasant to listen to. – female age 49 

I like the melodic drums and guitars. It sounds so soothing. I love the chanting since it gives me a sense of deep relaxation. I hope the singer and the song succeeds. – male age 45 

I loved the introduction for this song. It came in strong and very clear. I loved the violins in this song. It really mixed well with the beat and vocals. – female age 23