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Alison Fleming is an English songwriter and recording artist from Bramham, West Yorkshire (home to iconic Leeds Festival) - now living in SW Missouri, United States.  

Her parents come from the NE of England. Her mother played classical piano and attended drama classes (alongside the later-famous English actress Wendy Craig). Her father James, was an RAF pilot who taught himself piano and headed up an RAF Jazz band. He loved the greats such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Jelly Roll Morton and this music was often on the turntable at home. 

Living in the air force meant frequent changes of home and piano-teacher. Alison never became fluent at reading music, perhaps due to a knack for remembering the notes by heart. Poetry writing came easily, and at a young age she won poetry competitions. For her 17th birthday her mother gave her a Yamaha G65 acoustic guitar, bought from a music shop in York.

Her mother was an active member of the church. Alison joined the choir, was a bell ringer, and - with a friend - started a drama club that put on comedy shows and organised village dances for local rock bands to perform. One band's drummer was David Flannagan, whose brother Paul was drummer for Adam and the Ants.  

While following careers in publishing and printing, the draw of songwriting gained ground. Alison would pick up her acoustic guitar most evenings, strumming whatever came to the fore. Her first songs by the nature of their acoustic origin were folk-like musings on love, the world, and the human condition. 

Recording equipment progressed from a simple cassette player, voice and acoustic guitar, to a mini-cassette 8 track studio Tascam Porta One, Casio keyboard and an old Gibson Marauder electric guitar she'd spied in the window of a second-hand shop in her husband's home town of Liverpool. 

Back in the 1980s there was no such thing as the Internet. With a pile of songs with nowhere to go, she decided to mail rough-demo cassettes to music industry producers and A & R around London, to see whether any of these musical creations may merit further attention. The response was enthusiastic, and indeed the advice was to put the songs into better shape, so she began looking for assistance with music production. In 1986 she met Producer Tony Lowe whose fresh approach to her tracks drummed up a stir, not least from A&R at Chrysalis Records (who came to tea!) and subsequently at Hit and Run Publishing (see story, Tab 'Lowe & Fleming'). 

In the early 90s she moved to Gloucestershire and by touch of fate was able to perform her songs with a band gigging around the local pubs, with a highlight-gig in Reading to a full house and rousing applause. Her song-demos with the band also won some verbal praise from A&R at Virgin Records. 

In 1995 Alison relocated to the USA. With the emergence of the Internet Tony Lowe and Alison were able to continue to co-write and record, which led to more albums, more recognition and success. (see story, Tab 'Lowe & Fleming').

By 2012, wanting to dive again into some solo work - Alison uploaded some tracks to the ReverbNation website. Alison had the great fortune to be approached by fellow Singer/Songwriter, Producer Paul Baggott, who offered to put one of her solo demos into better shape.

2017/2018: The contact with Paul  culminated in two debut solo albums, 'Freeway' and 'Freeway - The Remixes', released in 2017; followed by a Double album for download only,  ‘Freeway – Songwriter and the Remixes’ released 2018.

2021/2022: New material for two new solo albums is approaching completion, again Produced by Paul Baggott. Set for release in 2022.

Alison continues to write and record in SW Missouri USA!