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Bandcamp Exclusive! AVAILABLE FROM 9TH JAN 2024

 'Play On Words' album for digital download at:

Alison Fleming is a longtime songwriter and recording artist WIth a dynamic writing style.  happy to blend genre she pours her heart into such as folk-ballad, atmospheric-compositional, and beat driven pop and rock and sets them into solidly accessible albums.  Artist comparisons  include kate bush, daughter, bjork, imogen heap, Annie Lennox, tori amos, laura marling and Nicky Holland. TWO albums co-written with tony lowe landed on the grammy lists and she has released four solo albums produced by Paul Baggott. She continues to write and record out of 'bear studio' at her home in Colorado usa.

5 stars thanks for the great music!” - John Rose

UIC Radio Chicago, Illinois

...daring a new genre, a challenge for any critic to compare” - Stephen Hugill, Yorkshire UK

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