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Alison Fleming is a longtime songwriter and recording artist with an eclectic writing style. she pours herself into emotive storytelling and beat driven pop and rock to create albums that are freshly innovative and universally appealing.  Artist comparisons  include Kate Bush, Daughter, Bjork, Imogen Heap, Annie Lennox, belinda carlisle, Tori Amos, carole king, sade, edie brickell, suzanne vega, Laura Marling and Nicky Holland. with a solid catalogue to her name, TWO albums co-written with composer-producer Tony Lowe (UK) landed on the Grammy lists. She has released five solo albums produced by Paul Baggott (UK). She continues to write and record out of her studio in Colorado USA.


Springing from its namesake songwriter album - ten powerhouse journeys into dance. Produced by Paul Baggott (UK)

'5 stars' "Thanks for the great music."” - John Rose

UIC Radio Chicago, Illinois

(ref. songwriter album 'Play On Words') I have played this album over forty times, and I keep coming back to it. I find it intimate and personal, and it marries the intricacies of human emotions and feelings with superb music, all interwoven with her gorgeous, sultry yet vulnerable vocals.” - Rick Peuser

The Progressive Aspect