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Alison Fleming ~ Short Bio

Alison Fleming is a longtime songwriter and recording artist from Yorkshire UK.

As a child she tinkered on piano creating melodies for fun.

At a young age her mother took her to the movies to see films such as 'The Sound of Music' and 'Funny Girl', which planted a seed. In her teens she taught herself acoustic guitar. It went with her to college. The musical tinkering continued.

In the 1980s while working in publishing she started writing songs in earnest. The drive was (and still is) emotional, to write songs that move the soul. First tracks had an acoustic folk-feel inclined towards ambiguous chords and phrasing. 

As her studio developed so did her solo writing style, which has been put under genres including singer-songwriter, alternative-indie (dream pop, art rock, free folk etc), Britpop, experimental and new progressive.

Her first demos to industry were well received among A&R in London UK who asked her to put them into better shape. Notable success is with renowned guitarist producer creator, Tony Lowe, whose produced versions were pivotal in garnering the interest of Chrysalis Records and later Hit and Run Music Publishing (UK).

Lowe and Fleming's co-written albums 'All of the Above' and 'Second Nature' landed on the first ballot lists of the GRAMMY® Awards 2007 and 2008. Alison has contributed variously over the years to Tony Lowe's star studded 'esp project' and has co-written and made guest appearances on other albums on the Sunn Creative label.

In 2012 Alison began working also with music producer and songwriter Paul Baggott (UK). She has released four solo albums produced by Paul to date - three albums under the 'Freeway' project in 2017/2018 and latest album ‘Play On Words’ released in March of 2023. Alison continues to write and record out of her 'Bear Studio' at home in Colorado.

PLAY ON WORDS - New Album 17 MARCH 2023

The jazz Greats that spun on her father's turntable, her mother's enthusiasm for the classical, Alison's love for the originality of Kate Bush and the 'cinematic' passion of Bjork are all influences that might have played out in 'Play On Words' Alison's newest album.

If you like upbeat, quirky, colourful storytellers delivered with a passion and driven with a good bass and rhythm likely you'll go for this album. 

The tracks have a singular identity and range in musical style from folksy-ballad to artful pop-rock, to new progressive. There's a smooth flow and consistent underlay, making for a highly accessible album. Produced by Paul Baggott (UK).

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Bear Studio. Photos by Madeleine Thour Photography Sweden

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Play On Words ~ credits & metadata

Title: Play On Words  

Length: 42 minutes

Number of tracks: 10

UPC: 1980-1515-4082 

Album Release date: March 17 2023

Publishing Administration: CD Baby, Portland OR USA 

Formats: CD and digital download - available at Bandcamp, Amazon, and online streaming services

Music and lyrics: Alison Fleming  ~ © Alison Fleming 2023

Vocals: Alison Fleming

Additional Vocals (and whistle): Paul Baggott

Instruments played by Alison Fleming and Paul Baggott

Recorded at: Alison Fleming's 'Bear Studio' USA

Recorded, Produced and Mastered by: Paul Baggott (UK)

Recording timespan: May 2020 to October 2022

CD gold master and coding: Jeff Smith, Studio 2100, Springfield MO USA 


Cover Design: Paul Baggott

Artwork concept, material, layout and design: Paul Baggott and Alison Fleming

Greenwich location Photography: Stephen Hugill ~ © Stephen Hugill 2022

CD duplication, printing & packaging: Cantrell Barnes, Springfield, MO USA

Production Notes

Video of the Day - snippets of the ten tracks