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Introducing Freeway

'Freeway' songwriter version (blue)

It's about freedom and travels of the road and spirit, heart and mind. A dynamic blend that pulls like the waves. The songwriter tracks are kindred to the original demo recordings. Working with Paul Baggott over the internet between the UK and USA it took a few years to get things polished. Very proud of what we've achieved and looking forward to rattling your ears. 

Freeway has its own freedom. You’ll feel a shift of atmospheres from song to song. There are hard and soft edges, dark and light flurries. It is soulful, soul searching, melancholic, romantic, intense, nostalgic, even magical/mystical. What else! An experiment weaving the likes of electro-acoustic art rock, electronic pop, folk and orchestral with some sections having a ‘soundtrack’ lent. Lyrical contexts are somewhat ambiguous leaving the meaning open to interpretation.

'Freeway - The Remixes' (red)

Freeway – The Remixes lets loose the Producer’s EDM Cut. Using jigsaw snips of vocals Paul created brand new tracks. The beats and arrangements echo the passion and dynamism of the original material, likewise an emotive and eclectic mix, but (bar the first track) you’ll wonder at times “which one is this supposed to be?” The album oozes a drama with its progressive beat- and bass-driven energy including an edgy military-esque verve. Laced with the breaks of progressive-trance and the rhythms and percussions of house it links genres of alternative dance, techno, trip hop, R & B and jazz and not to forget the ambience of some downtempo electronica.

Songs by Alison Fleming : Produced and mastered by Paul Baggott : additional contributions by Paul Fleming, Paul "Buzzy" Bosomworth, Stephen Hugill, Mike Serrano, Brandon Welch. Boardwalk Cover art design by Paul Baggott.